Pre-meet flood

Canada , Brampton , May 3rd, 2002

About 12 hours before the first visitors were due to arrive at our house, the hot water heater (geyser) in the basement burst! Water everywhere - that happened after midnight on Thursday night.

1. Books everywhere
2. Wet everywhere
3. Spare bedroom
4. Carpets everywhere
5. Dripping in the shower
6. Chatter and the mess
7. Africammers in the hallways?
8. Vacuuming up water
9. What a mess!
10. Barbss arrived!
11. Nixie and amarula
12. Arno and the bbq
13. Connie and Chandra
14. Nixie outside
15. Lorna and the lion's share
16. Arno's birthday hug
17. Meerkat and statues
18. Lotsa shoes!
19. Who is your doctor?
20. Chili arrived
21. Nixie at the table
22. Barbss tasting pap
23. After the meal
24. Chandra and mascots
25. Talking, talking
26. Nixie and Meerkat
27. Sleeping arrangements
The End of this album
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