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1 To be a beacon guiding our greater community in Christian faith.

Who We Are

Mayfield's people

Mayfield is a congregation of the United Church of Canada.  This congregation was established 177 years ago and the present building was built in 1875.  The congregation describes itself as "rural".  And that is true.  However, while the church is located in a rural area presently, a number of the members come from Brampton and surrounding parts.

Mayfield Church is on Dixie Rd. just north of Mayfield Rd.  In the fall of 2007, it is expected that building will commence on the Mayfield West Development which will stretch from Hwy 10 on the west to Dixie Rd. just south of the church property.  This will make a difference in so far as the church will no longer be situated in a purely rural area.

The church itself seats approximately 180 people and yet retains the qualities of a small, country church.  Many of the members come here because they value the architecture and the comfortable feeling of an old country church.

Mayfield is a busy congregation.  You are invited to see the other pages of this web site which describe the programs the church includes in its ministry life.  Speaking of which, Mayfield is a church that uses a structure called "ministries" to fulfill our call to ministry and mission.  There are a number of ministry groups made up of varying numbers of people.  Among the ministry groups here: Ministry of Worship and Sacraments, Ministry of Maintenance, Ministry to the Membership which includes Pastoral care, the Ministry of Christian Nurture and a number of others who all assist in the life of the congregation.  Anyone who is interested in serving on a ministry group makes a two year time commitment and then can evaluate for themselves whether or not they with to continue.

Theologically speaking, Mayfield is a diverse congregation.  We include faithful members who are of a traditional bent as well as people who consider themselves to be progressive.  It makes for interesting conversation as we share perspectives in discussion groups.

We are a welcoming group and look for opportunities and ways to include people in our congregational life.

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Summer Services

During the summer months, we move our usual service to Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Please feel free to join us!

What is Happening?

To see what is happening, social events, get-togethers, services and information, please go to Events.

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