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About Mayfield's Marriage Policy

If you want to get married in Mayfield church

We thank you for choosing Mayfield United Church as the location for your wedding. This is a very special day in your life, as you make your marriage covenant before God and family and friends. A marriage covenant is intended to join you for life in a relationship so intimate and personal that it will change your whole being. As a congregation and staff, we are happy to help you make this day as special as it ought to be. Weddings in our church mean extra work for a number of people and does not come under the salary scales of our staff.   Most of the rehearsals and ceremonies take place when staff would normally be off duty. As a result, there must be remuneration for their services and for the extra heating and cleaning of the church. By action of the Session of Mayfield United Church, the following guidelines and fee structures have been developed.

1.   Adequate Notice:

To allow time for pre-marital counselling, and other adequate preparation, the church requires that all weddings be booked at least two months in advance of the wedding date. The wedding can be tentatively booked by contacting the church clergy. However, all wedding dates must be confirmed after the couple has received the marriage policy and has agreed to its guidelines and fees. The dates for each wedding must also be approved by the clergy before the wedding is officially booked.

  1. the couple contacts the clergy and makes the booking
  2. the couple is provided with the marriage policy
  3. the minister approves the wedding date
  4. upon receipt of the signed statement the couple will be notified on confirmation of booking


2.   Minister’s Right to Refuse to Marry

The minister of Mayfield United Church shall be responsible to perform all weddings. In a case where a conflict in schedules arises the minister will arrange for a substitute in his/her absence. The minister reserves the right to refuse to marry any couple for reasons of professional ethics, serious incompatibility of the couple, or failure of the couple to agree to the guidelines established by Mayfield United Church.The minister also has the right to require couples to take part in a pre-marriage counselling course if she/he deems it necessary. The law also requires that the officiating minister refuse to marry a couple when there is suspicion of intoxication by way of alcohol and/or other drugs.

3.   Invited Clergy

The church recognizes that you may have a clergy person that has had a special influence in your life that you may wish to be included in the wedding ceremony. We are happy to include that person.   However, the decision to invite the guest clergy must first be cleared by the minister at Mayfield United Church.   The couple is to present the name to the minister in the first interview and the minister will be the person to extend the invitation.   The church minister fee is still payable even if another minister has been approved to officiate the service.

4.   The Marriage Ceremony

The minister shall conduct only the marriage liturgies that are in keeping with the approved liturgies of the United Church of Canada.

5.   The Marriage License

There is a government requirement that you must have a marriage license in order to be married in this province. This license is valid for one month only, and must be obtained at least eight working days before the marriage. The church requires that the license be delivered to the church office at least four working days before the marriage.

6.   Church Music

At Mayfield United Church we have a professional organist on staff. The organist shall have the first right of refusal for all weddings. If the organist on staff is unavailable to play at your wedding then an alternate organist is to be chosen in consultation with the minister. While we understand that you may have a musician in your life who is special to you and you may want to have that person included in the wedding, it is the policy of our church that the person being requested be cleared ( before invitation) by the Mayfield United Church organist as having the gifts and skills to operate the equipment. Music and instrumental selections are to be coordinated with the organist on staff.

7.   Church Decorations

We are not responsible for any decoration being placed in the church for weddings. The couple is welcome to have a decorator come to the church or decorate the church themselves. However, the appointment to have decorations placed in the church must be booked with the church at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. In the case where there are two weddings happening the same day, the second wedding must make arrangements with the caretaker to book a time for decorating the church in between the two weddings. Each wedding party must make arrangements to have the decorations taken out of the church directly after the wedding. (Staff will not wait for someone to come back later in the day)

Please note: no confetti or rice, bubbles are acceptable, and we also allow the dropping of rose petals at the entrance of the bridal party.

If this guideline is not adhered to, there will be an extra cost to you for the cleaning of the church and the property.

8.   Photography & Videography

Each wedding party must discuss wedding photography and videography with the minister prior to the wedding ceremony. The minister shall approve the location and operation of all photographic and video equipment to be used during the wedding ceremony. Flash photography in not permitted during the wedding ceremony.

9.   Wedding Bulletins

The minister will assist the couple with the preparation of the church bulletin.

The couple is responsible for purchasing, and producing the bulletins for use at the wedding.

Wedding bulletins can be purchased at Blessing Christian Marketplace, Brampton, (905) 457-9727 or through the United Church Resource Center, (416) 253-5456.

10.   Fee Structure

There are two fee structures, one for those who are members of the church and one for those who are not. To be an active member of the church, means that you contribute to Mayfield United with your time, talent and monies.

Members Fees: (Deposit at time of booking - $50.00)
Use of Church BuildingNil

If you do not fit into the above definition of a member at Mayfield United Church, we are pleased to offer you our services at the following rates:

Non Members Fee: (Deposit at time of booking - $ 50.00)
Use of Church Building$300.00

Please note: Additional rehearsals will require extra payment.   If there is a soloist who the organist must meet with, there is an extra charge of $ 25.00 to be paid to the organist on staff.

All fees must be placed in separately marked envelopes and paid at the church office when you drop off your marriage license.

If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to the following staff persons who are currently working a Mayfield United Church:

Church Fees
Mayfield United Church
Laurie Silva
Organist: Howard Lopez
Church Musician
Rev. Lloyd Paul (supply minister June 30, 2011)

For Further Information: Please feel free to call the church to speak with our minister (905) 843-1035, or by email at secretary@mayfieldunitedchurch.org

11.   Weddings Outside of the Church:

Many times people request offsite weddings. There are no United Church policies preventing such weddings and it is entirely up to the clergy person on staff if they will perform these services. The fee for offsite weddings is $ 250.00, payable to the minister. However, any additional expenses incurred, will be the responsibility of the couple (i.e. travel and accommodations etc.)

Policy designed and approved by the Session of Mayfield United Church November 29th, 2004
Fee structure revised October-2007
Revised January-2008


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