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Since 1830

12496 Dixie Road, Caledon, ON L7C 2L7
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1 To be a beacon guiding our greater community in Christian faith

About Our History

A group of Scottish Presbyterians organized the first congregation of this church in 1830 holding services in a school house in the hamlet of Mayfield at the corner of 17 Sideroad (Mayfield Road) and 3rd Line East Chinguacousy Township (Dixie Road).  The first church building was constructed one mile north (present site of Mayfield Church) in 1842.  Land for the church was donated by Patrick and Mary Speirs who had immigrated from Scotland in 1834 and had made Mayfield their homestead.  To pay the minister in 1846, seats were rented to members and any "disputed" seats went to the highest bidder.

The present building erected in 1874 was built by Josiah Mason of Brampton, of red brick relieved by white brick and cut freestone.  The building was gothic style with stained glass gabled windows, and was furnished with beautiful and expensive lamps.  It seated 225 and was finished for a total cost of $2,860.

In 1925, Mayfield entered into the union of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches and became a charge of the United Church of Canada consisting of Inglewood, Cheltenham, Mayfield and Dixon’s.

An addition to the church was built in 1929 to better house the Sunday School, which up to that time had been held in a draughty, chilly hall above a section of the horse sheds behind the church.  In 1959 another addition enlarged the Sunday school, church hall, kitchen area and added washrooms.

In 1988 Mayfield Church embarked on its own as a single point charge and officially became "Mayfield Charge" on June 30th.  Rev. Sandra McLauchlan-Abuja was hired as Mayfield's first full time minister.

Mayfield’s congregation is a unique blend of rural and urban families.  Many of the founding families descendants, including numerous 5th, 6th and 7th generation descendant families of Patrick and Mary Speirs are active members of the church.  Newer families from Brampton, Valleywood and surrounding areas who have joined the church, continue to enrich Mayfield's congregation.

researched and written by Robert Presant

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Who We Are

This congregation was established 177 years ago and the present building was built in 1875. 

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Welcome At Mayfield

This is a congregation that deeply appreciates worship and engages in different worship experiences.  The sacramental life at Mayfield is an important opportunity for the community to gather around the celebrations of church life: both the Celebration of the Lord's Supper and Baptism.  Mayfield is a very open and welcoming congregation in that anyone and everyone is invited to share at the Table. 

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